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Let us begin this journey with the beginning of time, when Rome & Egypt did not exist this city was thriving, when mankind lived in caves and hunted animals this city was flourishing

Famous writer Mark Twain wrote about this city as “ Banaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legends and look twice as old as all of them put together”

Banaras-Varanasi-Kashi this city goes by many names situated in southeast part of Uttar Pradesh, North India- a mystic jewel crowned on the Ghats of holy river Ganga , the basic idea of this city is such that it has its arms open for anyone who comes to this city, though there is nothing that can be changed about this city one is always welcome to contribute

From times immemorial travelers, scholars, ,merchants, priests visited this city to treasure knowledge to stand out in the crowd, there are numerous tales associated with this city, the principal diety of this city is ‘Adishakti Shiva ‘and most of the ancient stories sing his praises, there are even stories of time when time was non-existent –confused !? well, lets begin

Recent excavations of the city suggested that here in this city human settlement dates back to more than 5-10 thousand years , unlike today it was difficult for people back then to have access to the knowhow of what they should do and what they wanted. Unlike modern people who are more settled, balanced and self aware, those people had achieved harmony with everything In the world, that system did not exist in written anywhere nor was it imposed by anyone, people really had the knowledge of right and wrong or simply put in words there as no right or wrong, everything was in harmony.

The culture followed by this city since ancient times is known as vedic culture which is believed to be introduced by the saptarishis under the guidance of the principal diety-Shiva. Shiva himself guided them to establish this city & traditions, even today those practices and tradition continue strictly by the priests and spiritual leaders by an ancient system of gurukuls which strictly emphasize on teaching those lessons and traditions and core values to scholars willing to learn the ancient art.

Nothing deems unacceptable or unapologetic here for the city believes in “everything has a logic” ,if you are ready to expand your horizon of logic because everything the city offers has a logic benefitting humanity in some way or the other.

Kashi-Banaras-Varanasi is an urban legend existing physically to this date, we at Chitt-Chor welcome you to an enchanting journey of this mystical city crowned on the ghats of the holy river Ganga.

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